Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Internet Freedom Symposium

In recent time, information and communications technology has changed the way ideas are communicated and expressed in the public . This movement to openness of information and simpler dissemination  presents new  doors and difficulties for the general public all in all. 

Various human rights have been distinguished as applicable in the setting of these new advanced Information. Web access is additionally perceived as a right by the laws of a few nations. 

  • A percentage of the issues we will be talking about include: 

  • What rights and obligations do we have as "computerized natives"? 

  • Do we appreciate total or constrained Internet opportunity? 

  • Are feelings online resistant to restriction? 

  • Should online substance be directed? 

  • What are our obligations when posting substance online? 

  • At the point when do free administrations start to edit the data you accept?

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